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We may modify these Terms of Use or the website partially or in toto without stating reasons and without notifying you. Notice of important changes to these Terms of Use will be given as possibilities allow, usually in the form of a notice on this website’s homepage. Continuing to use this website from the effective date of a change to the Terms of Use counts as your agreement to such change.


It is your obligation to use this website exclusively in accordance with the Terms of Use. In the event of unauthorised use of this website resulting in loss or harm to any person and consequently in claims against us, you will indemnify us and hold us harmless from any demands arising from such claims.

As a user of this website you will:

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We process your personal data in accordance with current data protection laws, as well as our Data Protection Guideline and the data protection notice on this website.


Although we are careful when selecting content for this website, we are not responsible for activities performed by you or other natural or legal persons at any location that are based directly or indirectly on information contained on this website or accessible through it, regardless of whether such information originates with us or third parties. The content of this website does not represent any advice or recommendation and should not be considered the basis for decisions or actions.

With medical progress and continuous further development in technical fields comes the fact that the information presented on this website is not always completely current but rather is published according to the state of affairs and availability. You agree to use the information directly or indirectly received through or downloaded from this website at your sole discretion and at your own risk. We exclude any and all warranties, assurances and promises, whether express or implied, and assume no responsibility or liability for:

(i) content found on this website, including but not limited to the timeliness, current validity, accuracy, completeness or suitability of such content for specific purposes;

(ii) this website’s freedom from disruption or fault or its security;

(iii) accuracy, flawlessness or reliability of the results of using this website.

The medical information on this website is not a replacement for medical consultation. We cannot respond to unsolicited e-mails regarding personal health problems. The information and products on this website differ from one country to another. Patients and healthcare professionals should make inquiries at their local medical institutions and the competent supervisory agencies in their country. For specific complaints or topics discussed on this website, a qualified physician or healthcare professional should always be consulted before taking any action.

We are not liable for loss or harm you suffer in connection with provision of this website, regardless of whether through conduct contrary to the agreement or misrepresentation on our part, our negligence or other unlawful act, including but not limited to lost profit, lost business or lost opportunity, as well as consequential damages and other economic or indirect losses or special harm resulting from our liability for or with regard to this website or these Terms of Use. This applies regardless of whether we were aware of the risk of such loss or harm. This liability exclusion also applies for our executives, employees, agents, subsidiaries and suppliers.

Additional liability pursuant to compulsory legal provisions is reserved.

This website is a free service for our users. We are not obligated to update this website or the content thereof, and we assume no liability for loss or harm resulting from outdated content.


This website may contain third-party content (e.g., articles, data series or summaries) and links to third-party websites. We make such external content and links available as a courtesy to our users. We have no control over external websites or external content referenced or accessed as part of this website or provided on this website, and we therefore in no way assume responsibility for such external content or websites or for the availability thereof. In particular we assume no liability for claims resulting from the actual or alleged violation of the right to intellectual property by external content (published on this or other websites) nor for claims resulting from information or opinions contained in external content or websites.


The copyright for this website, including but not limited to all documents, files, texts, images, graphics, devices and codes contained therein, and the general visual appearance of the website are the property of Eisai Pharma AG or its subsidiaries or licensors. You are authorised to copy and print out excerpts or documents from this website (except identified external content) for non-commercial purposes as long as the copyright and other ownership and trademark notices and associated liability exclusions are retained. All product names are Eisai’s registered trademarks unless otherwise indicated. All logos and trademarks of Eisai may be used or reproduced only with our advance written consent. For uses not covered by this clause, partial or complete reproduction of content from this website in any form is prohibited, including framing, creation of works derived from this website or its content, incorporation into other websites and electronic retrieval or reproduction systems. No links to this website may be created on other websites without our advance written consent.

We do not guarantee that you are authorised to use third-party content that is accessible on this website. The rights holder should be contacted prior to using or downloading such content. Copyright-protected content and references to authorship in connection with such content may not be altered without advance written approval.

If you send material for publication on this website, including but not limited to personal data, technical knowledge, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, summaries or the like, you (i) agree that such material does not require confidential treatment and you grant us (ii) a non-exclusive license for worldwide, non-expiring, free use, publication, reproduction, modification, adaptation, public presentation and translation of the material partially or in toto and for any purpose without any restriction or limitation whatsoever. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to remove or delete material without notification that was sent by you for inclusion in this website.

With the exception of the consent set forth above, nothing on this website should be interpreted as consent or a granting of rights.


We cannot guarantee that this website is free of bugs or computer viruses.

To receive access to this website, you are solely responsible for configuring your information technology, computer programmes and platforms. You should use your own antivirus programme.

This website may not be misused for the intentional distribution of viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or other harmful or technologically destructive material. Actions intended to obtain unauthorised access to this website, its server or other associated servers, computers or databases are not permitted. The website may not be assaulted through denial-of-service attacks or distributed denial-of-service attacks. Violations of this clause may constitute a criminal offence under Swiss law. Any such violation will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, including the personal identity of the respective user. You will immediately lose your authorisation to use this website in the event of such a violation.


We send all notifications in connection with these Terms of Use and use of this website by e-mail to your last registered e-mail address known to us. You can notify us by e-mail at

These Terms of Use relate to use of this website by you alone. We may transfer these Terms of Use to third parties and/or hire service providers, including but not limited to providers of outsourcing services, to exercise our rights and responsibilities as set forth in these Terms of Use.

Should individual provisions of these Terms of Use be or become invalid, the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use shall remain unaffected thereby.

These Terms of Use are the complete usage agreement between you and us, governing your use of this website and your access to it. These Terms of Use replace and supersede any other written or verbal agreement between you and us in connection with use of this website unless a written agreement expressly provides that it takes precedence over these Terms of Use.

Any delay in our punishment of violations against these terms of use shall have no influence on our right of punishment in general, and abstaining from punishing a violation does not represent abstention from punishing additional or continuing violations.

We are not liable for omissions or delays in fulfilling our obligations under these Terms of Use.

This website and its content are in compliance with applicable Swiss law. Even though the information on this website is also accessible to users outside Switzerland, it is intended for the exclusive use of users located in Switzerland. Use of this website includes recognition of the exclusive jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of Zurich.

All advertising material on this website was created in accordance with the code of conduct of the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland, By using this website you agree to direct any concerns regarding its content first to Eisai. In the event you are not satisfied with Eisai’s response, you may submit a complaint to the competent agency or court.

References to “Eisai”, the “Group”, and “we”, “us” or “our/s” are references to Eisai Pharma AG and its subsidiaries. You can reach us by e-mail at

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